Ragi Cookies

Ragi Cookies

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Benefits of Ragi Cookies:- 

1. Ragi has high protein content: The grain’s protein content is comparable to that of rice.    

2. Ragi is a rich source of minerals : Ragi is also a very rich source of minerals. It has been found to have between 5-30 times the calcium content found in other cereals.                       

3. Ragi controls diabetes : The rapid rise in the prevalence of diabetes has led to a great demand for foods containing complex carbohydrates with high dietary fiber levels and beneficial phytochemicals.

4. Ragi has anti-microbial properties.

5. Ragi has anti-cancer potential : It is also rich in antioxidants, which have sort of become a byword in health books today. Antioxidants prevent excessive oxidation , which could otherwise cause cancer and ageing because of cell damage.

6. Ragi keeps you young.

7. Ragi reduces “bad” cholestrol, prevents cardiovascular disease."

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