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Rs. 45.00
Beneficial in pyrosis, combustion, burning sensation in hands, legs and while urinating, excess swea..
Rs. 285.00
Kesar is helpful in bitter, acrid, sultry, lubrication and gas related troubles. It is tasteful, bri..
Rs. 45.00
Patanjali Divya Pachak Ajwain is unique Patanjali formulation that helps to improve the digestion pr..
Rs. 35.00
Beneficial in the problems of stomach-swelling, loss of appetite. Eat whatever you like and digest. ..
Rs. 50.00
Beneficial in loss of appetite, stomach-swelling, stomach- inflammation and eliminates tridosha also..
Rs. 60.00
Beneficial in the problems of stomach- inflammation and stomach-swelling. Eat whatever you like and ..
Rs. 55.00
Jaljeera with natural ingredients.Weight :200gmQuantity :1..
Rs. 32.00
Beneficial in problems indigestion, Stomach inflammation. Eat whatever you like and digest. In these..
Rs. 32.00
Beneficial in enhancing appetite and gastric problems. Eat whatever you like and digest. In these da..
Rs. 35.00
Indigestion and all other stomach related problems are eradicated. This is Tridosha hara. Eat whatev..
Rs. 70.00
Patanjali Peedantak Pain Reliever Ointment is an herbal formulation which gives instant pain relief...
Rs. 90.00
After the process of pregnancy, a woman needs more strength to be able to with stand the post effect..
Rs. 85.00
Shilajit provides strength and energy. This eradicates sexual weakness, Gout (joint pains or Rheumat..
Rs. 200.00
Useful in General debility , Weakness & loss of immunity .Weight :100gmQuantity :1..
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